Integra Practice Management

Planning your naturopathic practice but feel unprepared for the challenge of running a business? CCNM and Integra Nutrition Inc. welcome you to Integra Practice Management Series Online.

CCNM and Integra Nutrition Inc. have launched this initiative to help prepare you—NDs and soon-to-be NDs—for the challenges of business life. Integra Nutrition's successful business practices (including its primary line of Alpha Science products), and its relationship with the naturopathic profession present a unique learning opportunity for alumni and students.

This microsite is one of three integrated elements in the Integra Practice Management Program:

  • Integra business tips podcast
  • Integra practice management series
  • Consultations for Success

"Integra is privileged to work with CCNM to deliver this much-needed business development and practice management program to the profession. Naturopathic doctors have helped us succeed; now we want to help each naturopathic doctor realize success as well," says Tom Lawless, president of Integra Nutrition Inc.

Have a suggestion for a business topic or need help with a specific practice management issue? Contact Jonathan Wilde at for additional resources and assistance.

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